my name is bryson andrew lozano, nice to meet yall. i am a 25 year old from dallas, texas who just moved to brooklyn, new york to start a new chapter. i wanted to create a page that got my creative juices flowing. i wanted to make room to create because our heavenly father loves when we work on and shape our gifts. i believe we all have gifts and talents no matter who you are & i believe we were all meant to have a space and time to be creative because our heavenly father is the ultimate creator. 

ever since my mother bought me a canon 6d with a sigma art 50mm lens i have been constantly taking pictures and trying to learn about it as much as i can through friends, vlogs, instagram, etc. taking a communications course at dallas baptist university has been the greatest decision of my life besides accepting & walking with jesus christ on the regular day-to-day basis. it has opened my eyes to another dimension, if you will. taking pictures that are not on an iphone has caused me to see moments, people, experiences, and ultimately light in a whole new way. it causes you to be more aware of amazing moments everyday & i hope this site is a space that will inspire people & a space that will never stop improving. thanks for stopping by! would love to collab/do work with you!  

- bry