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So before this school assignment was dismissed I wrote some things about #art

enjoy some free thoughts!

I think art is the ability to create something out of nothing. Art needs to start with a blank canvas. Whether that’s in music, photography, dancing, painting, etc. There needs to be an idea that is executed into life. Art is not copying someone else. The artists who produce the greatest works of art is the genuine, real artists. And if you want to go greater than that, it’s the artists who draw you in and capture your attention. For instance, someone can take a picture of the same historic monument like the golden gate bridge or the brooklyn bridge but what makes it unique to the artist is the camera gear used, different angles, time of the day it’s shot, and the editing/cropping. There needs to be something special about you that other artists don’t seem to have. It is easy to be different because God created us all in a different way.

I would classify bad art as being “trash.” You can tell that bad art is stolen from another idea, it’s cheesy or already has been done a million times over again, and/or its heart, motive, or mood behind it is wrong or very sinful/evil. There is some art that I love that others find it trash or sinful but I believe that it’s because they do not see the heart behind the image or the person behind the artistic thought to create the specific piece. 

My personal favorite living artists who produce the greatest works of art are:

Joe Greer, Ben Sasso, Jimmy Marble, Alex Tan, Frank Ocean, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Amber Bain (Japanese House), SZA, and Lorde.

stay cool.jpg


Just wanted to document a bit of camp with yall. But the best moments were not captured, I  wanted to focus on taking to heart the revival that was happening every night. I will never forget the things I saw with my own eyes from the drummer's point of view (thankfully)-- every student responding to God's love for them with everything they had.

Faith was LIFTED, Chains were BROKEN, lives were HEALED, testimonies were SHARED, and futures were ADJUSTED all because of JESUS. Thank you God for this incredible week and the more incredible people I got to serve with! 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Holy smokes! So grateful for all my friends & all the many talented artists who have helped me and inspired me along the way to get to this mini stepping-stone I am on. I am close to where I want to be in some areas, but at the same time you don’t really ever want to say that. For each shoot is kind of a different challenge in its own way.

captured by Will Coleman

captured by Will Coleman

Wanted to thank some incredibly talented people for inspiring me & for helping me along the crazy journey that is photography:


Max Kutz

One of my favorite all-around artists. So simple yet incredible; he’s the true studio king. I had the opportunity to assist him on one of his last shoots and I learned so much in the matter of just a few hours or so. In terms of studio photography, that was my first experience since high school and I just tried to take it all in. I told Max I usually do portraits outside and he goes “Oh yeah, this is a wholeeee nother animal.” (or something) He’s an awesome dude, and gladly answered any questions (which was a lot) that I had. Go check out his feed.. go now!!!

website: instagram: mxktz

Nick Livingston

I met this very talented guy through my friend Cameron Mitchell. He is the main designer and visual artist for RVRB and I just love the way he sees things. I love the way his artistic mind works and the results that follow. He was the main reason I used royal blue on my site! I loved the way that the blue popped and blue is just the best anyway. He’s been a cool friend to have and can’t wait to hopefully work with him on something! Go check out his feed!!!

website: instagram:

Taylor Mahalik

The magazine-portrait-queen!!!! Out of all of these artists, I’ve probably known Taylor the longest. I met her & her twin at youth group probably around 2008-2009 area, and I have to say they’re my favorite twins I’ve ever known. I was thrilled when she asked me to assist her shoot a few months ago. I learned a lot. I saw behind the scenes of what a professional model does before hand to get ready and all the make-up, hair-prep and outfits it takes to bring a portrait shoot come to life. Taylor is sooooo good at posing the models, and having different ideas she wants the model to try. Incredible talent! She’s just all around amazing and one of the best photographers in Dallas! Go check out her feed!!!

website: instagram: taylormahalik

Joe Greer

Holy smokes. One of the worlds best photographers in my opinion. Super Creative and a true film master. The natural frames and candid shots from people he gets on the streets is INSANE. He’s hard to fully put into words. His colors are always so soothing to my eye & it’s really really really hard to not double-tap on his instagram. I also love how outspoken he is about being a Christ-follower (on explaining why he is so happy all the time.) He's that kind of artist who makes you wanna buy a crazy expensive leica film camera. Anyway, cool stuff! Go check out his feed(s)!!!

Instagram: ioegreer & ioestreet

Andrew Kearns

It’s been awesome to kind of watch this guys life unfold before my eyes through instagram, vlogs on youtube, & his website. It’s cool to see people your age do what they love full-time and just crush it (positively). This one is so good at landscapes and documenting his trips that seem to be mostly around wildlife, trees, camping and what not. He just captures the moment really, really well and seems to have a similar aspect on photography as me; he loves to spend time with people!!! And that’s why I love it so much too!

ps. his iceland vlog wrecked me. Go check out his feed!!!

website: instagram: andrewtkearns

Ben Sasso

When I found this guys Instagram and website, it kind of felt like I found a cheatcode. His famous quote that’s all over his brilliant material is “we’re all in this together.” Finally a famous and brilliant photographer who loves to see others succeed! I absolutely love his work and his openness to the instagram community, welcoming any questions others have. I’ve direct messaged him a few times and he’s been kind enough to help me with the select questions that I’ve had. He told me his favorite f-stop for portraits & couples and it’s been the best tip I’ve gotten so far. I love learning from him & it seems like out of all of these artists I’ve mentioned, this is the direction I am aiming to go. Including his editing style, where the colors and faces pop out, and I love how interactive he is with everyone.  Anyway, he’s brilliant, super creative with portraits & just all around inspiring! I hope to purchase one of his classes soon. Also, he’s the one who inspired me to write this “thank you blog!” Sooo thank you Ben. “heck yeah!” Go check out his feed!!!

website: instagram: bensasso

Bryant Belknap

One of the kindest and most helpful dudes i've met. He knows so, so, so much about the technical aspects of the camera. Film or DSLR, he just knows so much about them. Bryant instilled in me some awesome feedback and encouraged me with complements about my work and I am very grateful for that! He gave me a lot of confidence as a photographer and he is just a joy to talk to talk about anything with. Bryant & his wife, Emily, gave me a lot of helpful tips on “dos & donts of wedding photography.” For I am sure that a day will come that I get asked to shoot a wedding. Its just inevitable in this business I suppose. Anyway, Bryant is really awesome at shooting film wherever he goes and he’s quickly making me want a leica!!! He’s always keen to answer any questions I have and I am so grateful for that. If I ever need a picture of anything I will call this guy. Go check out his feed!!!

instagram: bryantbelknap

Will Coleman

This is my guy right here! It seems like we’re kind of on this journey together. We met in Sydney, Australia at Hillsong College, and now we are both living in Dallas, Texas. We both kind of started taking pictures with our Canons around the same time. We’re both always down to shoot wherever, whenever and with whomever. We just love to learn and love to have fun simultaneously. He’s the one who really encouraged me to shoot in RAW! & WOW that was a big change. I had to get a way bigger SD card but it was so worth it. I also love to see how different our editing styles are and to see how different lenses change the same picture. I love his dark and warm style and friggin awesome portraits that sooth my soul. He’s a solid dude, brilliant mind, talented as heck & better friend. He also took the picture at the top of this blog! Go check out his feed!!!

website: instagram: willlcoleman

Benjamin Hardman

Most definitely my favorite feed on instagram. He’s an absolute brilliant landscape photographer, and somehow captures animals in the snow or however the heck he does it. It’s a feed that’s so original and so cool. Mostly his stuff consists of very white backgrounds contrasted with dark blue or tinted blue shadows of some sort. I really don’t have words. Just go check his stuff out please.

website: instagram: benjaminhardman

Jesse Herzog

This guy is without a doubt an out-of-the-box-thinker with portraits. He’s an absolute brilliant artist who specializes in home/indoor shoots. Although some can be quite provocative at times, you got to admire his willingness to take risks and to try things no one else is really trying. I don’t always love his stuff but his crops are so cool! I think one time he captured the texture of smashed up berries in a flying-movement-type-fashion around the model! Who else does that? Wild. View with slight caution!

website: instagram: jesseherzog

Jake Morrison

This is the one who recommended what camera body I should get and the guy who believed in my work before I ever did. I’ve also known him since that ‘08-‘09 range, and he’s been a constant friend in my life for a while now. Jake is freaky talented. Musician, graphic designer, photo’s.. Whatever it is, he’s going to have a brilliant ear, eye, and mind for creative things. I remember him helping me with my photos the second time I brought my camera to our church’s youth event. He was a perfect balance of helpful feedback and encouragement. “Your composition is awesome!! But this shot could have been way better if you had ______.” He was just so helpful early on and he’s the designer of my logo on this site! I love creating and working with my friends! & he’s a great one. Go check out his feed!!!

website: instagram: jacobmorrison

Jon Draper

Jon was really into photography early on when we started to become friends a long time ago. He was the one who recommended me getting the sigma art 1.4 lens!!! & I have yet to take it off my camera. He’s shown me a bunch of little stuff that becomes big stuff in the photography world. “You don’t ever wanna have it on auto ISO.” Lol. Anytime I have a question about gear of any type, whether that’s camera, music, anything, I’ll ask him. One of the smartest guys I will ever know, an amazing all-around photographer, & best Music Director in town! Love ya brother. Thank you for your help <3


Mom & Dad

Thank you for investing, encouraging and believing in me from the get go of my photography journey. When I needed gear for my photography class you stepped up and got me the best stuff and I haven’t stopped using it since. Thank you for being my biggest fans :D

I love you



           Thank you for your willingness to take a chance with my ideas and visions I’ve had for my shoots!!! I couldn’t have done it without yall and I can't wait to make more memories! Now, I hope to keep progressing, to take more chances, and hope to travel to places I never would have dreamed of to capture God-breathed moments! Although there are more artist inspirations, these are the people who stuck out to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog and found some inspiring artists in the process.

“Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. He chose to give birth to us by giving us his true word. And we, out of all creation, became his prized possession.”

James 1:17-19 (NLT)


If you have any questions or feedback I’d love to hear from you!


Just keep creating! Make something!   


- bry