Art Thoughts

So before this school assignment was dismissed I wrote some things about #art

enjoy some free thoughts!

I think art is the ability to create something out of nothing. Art needs to start with a blank canvas. Whether that’s in music, photography, dancing, painting, etc. There needs to be an idea that is executed into life. Art is not copying someone else. The artists who produce the greatest works of art is the genuine, real artists. And if you want to go greater than that, it’s the artists who draw you in and capture your attention. For instance, someone can take a picture of the same historic monument like the golden gate bridge or the brooklyn bridge but what makes it unique to the artist is the camera gear used, different angles, time of the day it’s shot, and the editing/cropping. There needs to be something special about you that other artists don’t seem to have. It is easy to be different because God created us all in a different way.

I would classify bad art as being “trash.” You can tell that bad art is stolen from another idea, it’s cheesy or already has been done a million times over again, and/or its heart, motive, or mood behind it is wrong or very sinful/evil. There is some art that I love that others find it trash or sinful but I believe that it’s because they do not see the heart behind the image or the person behind the artistic thought to create the specific piece. 

My personal favorite living artists who produce the greatest works of art are:

Joe Greer, Ben Sasso, Jimmy Marble, Alex Tan, Frank Ocean, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Amber Bain (Japanese House), SZA, and Lorde.

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